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Restoring Dignity and Hope

We are a non-profit Agency of Compassion to the unhoused in the Atlanta area founded in February 2022.  Our desire is to bring mobile showers and compassionate services to those in need. The primary focus is to offer exceptional care for our clients, restore dignity, personal hope, and health consciousness to metro Atlanta’s underserved community.


To encourage proper hygiene, restore dignity, and to offer fresh hope through hot showers. It is our intent to connect the unhoused community with needed resources to restore shelter,  improve the conditions and quality of life for the unhoused.



  • FLOWING WITH BLESSINGS, Inc.  intends to offer much needed sanitation and dignity to the unhoused community in the Atlanta area through the mobile Shower Project.

  • Spread compassion, and love of mankind to all our sisters, and brothers (no matter color, race, gender, sexual orientation, Veterans, and non-Veterans)

  • Bridge the gap between the housed community and unhoused.

  • Decrease the risks of communicable diseases.

  • Partner with community organizations: Churches, Social Agencies, Hospitals, Health Dept, Law Enforcements, and Thrift Stores, etc. to support our efforts.

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