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Clarenton “Nicky” Crawford, Founder & Executive Director of FLOWING WITH BLESSINGS Inc., grew up in Dothan, Alabama.  His loving family modeled love and compassion for the people in the community that faced disadvantaged or unfavorable conditions.

After graduating from Alabama State University with a degree in Accounting, Mr. Crawford worked in Washington D.C. and Southern California in various governmental positions before relocating to the Metro Atlanta area.  He worked and retired from Dekalb County Watershed Management as an Administrative Manager.  Currently, he resides in Dekalb County, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  He serves as President of Crawford Enterprises Inc.

In various settings, Mr. Crawford observed the need for better hygiene for the unhoused in his area. His concern for health recovery, human dignity, and human respect heightened his desire to act. His love for mankind and his attention to details, lead him to research and collaborate with the Bay Area Church in Concord, California (CLEAN START SHOWER Project) This project is in partnership with LAVE MAE Project in San Francisco. After 2 years of researching, FLOWING WITH BLESSINGS, Inc., a non-profit, was initiated in February 2022 and prepared to offer showers of blessings to the metro Atlanta rea.

Mr. Crawford resides in Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia with his wife Deborah. They have three children:  Jibri, Justin, and Christina.

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